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Provider Home Already a provider

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Individual and Family Plans: 866-239-7191

Medicare Advantage Plans: 844-223-8380

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Provider In Process

I’m currently in the process of becoming an in-network provider with Bright HealthCare.

Credentialing typically takes between 60-90 days from the time a provider roster is received to the time a provider is reviewed at Credentialing Committee.

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Looking for the fastest way to check patient benefits, submit a claim, or an electronic prior authorization? Bright HealthCare uses as a Provider Portal to connect with your practice in a protected and streamlined way.

If you need assistance with your Availity account, call the Availity Client Services team at 1-800-AVAILITY.

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Bright HealthCare is dedicated to creating the best in class provider service network. Use the "Join the Network" link to get in touch with one of the members of our contracting team.

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No Referrals

No referrals for in network-specialists or facilities means lower administrative burden for you.


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Fast Payment on claims, aiming to beat industry averages and regulatory standards by 10% or more.


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Local dedicated resources are always available to assist in managing Bright HealthCare members.