Member Resources: Medicare Advantage

As a Bright HealthCare member, you’re our highest priority – and our services go far beyond filing and paying insurance claims. Of course, we do that too.

Using Your Plan

Fast & convenient telehealth services

Bright HealthCare members have convenient access to phone or video appointments through our partnership with Doctor on Demand. See quality caregivers from the comfort of your home or…anywhere.


Know Your Network

Using Bright HealthCare in-network care providers keeps your out-of-pocket costs down. Our carefully selected Care Partners provide everything from regular check-ups to urgent care needs, while giving you the personalized care you deserve.


Use the Member Hub to manage your care

Just log in to the Member Hub to get the scoop on your health plan benefits and summaries, update your primary care provider (PCP), find an in-network provider in your neighborhood, track your care costs and much more.


Medication Management Program

From finding the right prescriptions and pharmacies, to finding new ways to help you save more money, these Bright HealthCare resources and benefits add real value to your Medicare Advantage plan.


Drug Transition Policy

We want to make the transition of your Medicare Part D coverage as seamless as possible. So, if you’re currently taking a medication that’s not covered by our plan or are entering/leaving a long-term care facility, we help you work with your doctors to avoid disruption of your treatment and ensure coverage for a temporary supply of medication.


Silver&Fit Healthy Aging & Exercise Program

Bright HealthCare makes staying fit past 65 simple. With select Medicare Advantage plans you can work out at home or join a yoga studio and fitness center at no cost to you with discounts on ChooseHealthy health and wellness products.


OTC Card

Learn more about how the Bright HealthCare OTC card can help you save on everyday over-the-counter drugs and non-prescription products at WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, and many more stores near you.


Bright Health Dollars

The Bright Health Dollars Visa® card allows you to pay for non-prescription over-the-counter products and dental services. Use at your favorite CVS and Walgreens or online.


Free Meal Delivery

Eligible Bright Medicare Advantage members qualify for home delivery of meals planned by registered dietitians. Use this option after an in-patient hospital stay to aid in your recovery.


Private Transportation to Appointments and Pharmacies

Select Medicare Advantage plans offer free private transportation to and from approved doctor's appointments and pharmacies with 1 companion allowed to ride along.


Vision and Hearing Benefits

Bright Health Plans offer access to thousands of approved hearing and vision providers. Simply search for a provider near you and make an appointment!


Dental Benefits

Bright Medicare Advantage dental coverage grants you access to an extensive network of dental providers. Enjoy annual cleanings, $0 copay for in-network preventative services, and more!



Online Resources

Forms and Documents

Need to change your coverage or file a claim? Or just need more information about your Medicare Advantage plan? You’ll find a full library of useful forms and other materials here.


Quality Assurance (QA) and Utilization Management (UM)

Bright HealthCare offers QA and UM programs at no extra cost to our Part D members. Designed to ensure the safe and appropriate use of prescription medications covered, these programs help identify potential risks and opportunities to improve your medication therapy.


Out of Network Coverage Rules

Your Bright HealthCare plan includes coverage for services provided by healthcare professionals outside of our network – including emergency services outside the U.S. But certain rules apply. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines before contacting an out-of-network provider.


Part D Appeals & Grievances

Has a claim for your Part D prescription coverage been denied? Having trouble with another aspect of your Part D plan? This section of our site provides you with information about filing an appeal or grievance to resolve the issue.


File a Grievance

If you’re ever dissatisfied with decisions or actions regarding your Medicare Advantage plan, the Bright HealthCare team is pledged to help you any way we can. You’ll find guidance and resources for filing a formal grievance here.



We value you as a member and a person, so we hope you’ll contact Member Services at 844-221-7736 TTY: 711 before you ever cancel your plan. But if you’ve decided to disenroll, this section of our site will provide you with the steps for doing so.



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